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Apostle M. R. Taylor · 3 months ago

Father God, Thank You For Sending Us Your Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, Who is Our Lord And Savior.  We Believe And Confess With Our Mouth That He Died Upon The Cross On Calvary, And That On the Third Day You O' Heavenly Father, Raise Him From The Dead And From The Grave Having All Power In Heaven And Earth In His Hands!

Now Father God, We Ask In Jesus Name That You Send Your Holy Spirit Upon Brother Joshua For Protection And Deliverance From Evil Spirits And Demonic Influence, As Well As To Send The Holy Spirit To Restore "A Right Relationship" With You Father God, Through Your Son, Who Is Our Lord And Savior Christ Jesus!

This We Pray And Humbly Ask In The Name Of Jesus Christ . . . Amen!

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