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Prayer Request: Strength Prayer Request: Strength

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Aretta williams

Strength (Jul 11, 2020)

Prayer Request:
[quote] I would like for you to please pray for me. I have been through a very trying and unimaginable experience. About 3 years ago I came under spiritual attack. I started hearing chanting, moaning and voices, I could not get any one else to hear. I was awakened in my sleep by this and it caused me a lot of sleepless nights. All sorts of weird things began to happen which I had no answers for such as a singing band of Angels ( so I thought). One night the chanting intensified to the point I thought I was going to loose it that time for real. I reached over and asked my husband to pray for me, and he touched me and started praying and all of a sudden he asked me if I heard that noise and I saw in his eyes that he knew and I said yes, he said do you hear that moaning and chanting then before I could answer he saw the witch and he told her she couldn\'t have me because I was a child of God and that she had to leave. The witch asked where would she go and my husband said I don\'t know but you can\'t stay here. My husband began to pray harder and harder and finally the witch left. My husband apologized to me for not understanding and believing. We have been praying together, and I have reached out to others to pray for me as well and it has helped tremendously. I have gone back to work, and I am doing fine. I have been getting stronger and stronger, however; I have been hearing the witch voice. I don't want this to come back on me. Could you please pray for me? Prayers seem to be the only thing that helps. Also, please pray it never returns. Sincerely, Aretta Williams[/quote]

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