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Prayer Request: Prayer for deliverance Prayer Request: Prayer for deliverance

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Prayer for deliverance (Jul 11, 2019)

Prayer Request:
Please pray for my husband isaac and our marriage. My husband have a sister(Molita) . she is a witch and for more than 10years she have been trying to seperate me and my husband now we start building our home the attacks are even greater because its lije she don't want my husband to move out of the home because she won't be able to control him the way she is doing now. My husband travels out of state for work and every time he's about to send home money she calls him and feed him scandals about me to get us into arguments and then he will send the money to her instead of me. She have my husband under her complete control. Its like i don't have a marriage. I can't even enjoy my marriage because of this sister- inlaw. Please pray for me and my husband that what ever evil Molita is plotting against our marriage it will fail. Please also pray that we get out of that home this year and move into our own home. I'm so tired and fed up Molita have done too much and my husband needs help because even if he sees the damage she is causing it's like he is blind towards everything. He thinks I'm the bad one, i talked him out of witchcraft, but everytime she use another trick to get him to take him to obeah men. For years I've been telling him the dangers about witchcraft involvement and how it can affect our children. This year he decided to give his life back to christ and i saw him change, he started praying more and doing a lot of fast and prayings sessiins with me and spend a lot of time reading his bible, but as soon as he was about to travel what i never saw his sister did, she went away for 5nights and came back, and when my husband travelled what he never encountered in all his 10 years travel he encountered this year. When he got into the port they almost sent him back out of the country, but because he spent time praying before his trip i know God had favoured him that day. Now he's out there his sister is feeding him a lot of unnecessary information about me to cause problems so he will send his money directly to her instead if me and this have been happening for more than 10years. Please pray for me that God put and end to this, because i know nothing is impossible with God and he can do what no man can do. Please pray for my husband and I and our three children(Analia,Temor and Adriel) deliverance. From that home and sister inlaw.

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