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Prayer Request: for a marriage Prayer Request: for a marriage

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for a marriage (Jan 11, 2012)

Prayer Request:

PRAYER WARRIORS: Pray for an anointing on my website and to start my ministry with my wife to be. This contains all my main personal information so I do not need to mention more here. Pray for us, (me Joe, and Joy my intended wife) to get together as soon as possible, which obviously takes enough money. We are planning to do so by the end of February. She goes to, so also pray for the continued evangelical efforts of this and all churches. I would ALSO like a prayer cloth to bless my upcoming marriage too: PLEASE SEND IT IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED, according to ACTS 19:11 & 12. please send it to: Joseph Edward Bonnette 12487 40th street south, Afton, Mn. 55001 USA. --HERE IS JOY’S REQUESTS: Yes, This is the additional prayer, please pray for me to be the wife that proverbs 31: 10 talks about. l would like my marriage to be the cause of bringing many souls to Christ. l would like you to thank God on my behalf for sending Mr. Bonnette to me as a husband. just the right man l needed in my life. we also have a vision to win as many souls to the lord as possible so please pray for our ministry, l asked God to give me partners to partner together for the gospel and now see he brought a real " REAL PARTNER" Halleluiah!.
We have already many open doors as l get a lot of invitations to go and share Christ. Sometimes l go alone but l would love to do it with my husband so , please pray for our Ministry, that it will bring in sheaves to the doorsteps of heaven.
l have a friend, who has turned out to be a sister , who needs a job and she also needs to sell her property .( land and house) so she can resettle herself somewhere else. please pray for her.
MINE CONTINUED:: I want prayer to get into the prayer request ministry. Pray for an increase of faith and the light of God's face. I have a very heavy and depressed spirit, and I know the remedy is the “spirit of praise.” I need prayer for anxiety and self consciousness, and “concern” of what others think of me. I would like to also be more communicating to others in all important issues. I need to buy more spirulina and healthy food, because the nutrition available is not good for me otherwise, BUT I NEED PRAYER FOR MORE FINANCES FOR BASIC NEEDS LIKE THIS! I NEED URGENT PRAYER FOR MORE WORK TO MAKE MONEY!!!! I have silver fillings in almost ALL my teeth that I had since I was around 10 just because a dentist wanted to make money putting them in. He said “you will need it someday,” but now my teeth are somewhat crumbling from it, and it has poisoned me all these years with mercury!! --- I am always paying way more than I need to in tithes and offerings just to be on the safe side. I want the “MALACHI BLESSING” God promises!!! I go to “"- I would also like to have a more beneficial church to go to. I need healing for my personality because for some reason life has really destroyed me, and I just can never figure out why. It is like I have severe “post traumatic stress disorder;” it would take some serious therapy to figure out what is causing it. I am grateful for this upcoming wife, but it does not seem real to my flesh, which still feels lonely, except I believe by faith. So my flesh has not come to believe or feel it yet. ------ So life has just dragged me down so far in my spirits and usually I am far lower in my mood and general feeling of spiritual well being after I am done with a church service, just because of too much anxiety and phobia of feeling closed in by others around me, and what they might be thinking of me. But I want to be as close to the Holy Spirit as possible, and so maybe God can cure me of these problems, though I really feel HOPELESS about it sometimes. I have a very hard time smiling and looking happy which just drives me farther from people and causes me more stress. It is like the nerves in my mouth are damaged, maybe from the mercury in the fillings, but others have them without those problems, so i really don’t know. ----- I was sceptical at first if I could ever find a real woman who loved me with all my problems and issues, but it would seem God really did it for me. Also I would like to post some shroud images on my website that Vernon Miller gave me, but I need to ask for permission so I am tracking that down. Please pray for it to be a SUCCESS!!! I know it can be controversial, but if you are so inclined, I would appreciate your prayers. All I have on it so far is a shroud image from Wikipedia it said is in the public domain but I am busy looking into it. So please keep me and Joy in your prayers. She needs healing too from an injury she got a short while ago, which now does not seem too severe thank God, but we really need all the ongoing prayers of all the churches. If you want to learn more, go to the website stated above, and it gives other links and information about us. I would appreciate any one doing the work of a Bishop which means examiner and overseer and investigator and distributor and other such functions. We need real ministers "watching over our souls" and who are "esteemed highly in love for their work's sake." --(990 words)

   Discussion: for a marriage
kusuma (anon) · 8 years, 2 months ago
Please give me support in pray for my loved one, Agus, that The Holy Spirit hold the power of his life and change his life and heart. So finally he can believe and keep Jesus Christ as his Savior. He can open his heart and mind for all true knowledge about Jesus Christ. May God release Moslem Spirit in his life. May God release Agus from devil spirits and his bad habits .I wish that he get salvation from God. May God Bless our relationship and someday become man and wife. Thru happiness and sorrow, richer or poorer, better or worse, sickness and in health. This is the only man I would give everything for. I really hope we belong together. I’ve never felt this feeling ever before just with him. And may God make our love more stronger in Jesus Christ and give miracles on our relationship

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