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Prayer Request: healing and deliverance Prayer Request: healing and deliverance

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healing and deliverance (Sep 7, 2018)

Prayer Request:
pray for evet on 7/22/18 sciatic nerve pain fell upon her rt hip down her leg its now 9/7/18 stl painful walk she has rt toes pain rt foot/leg numb she was tld if lf untreated it cl become paralysis she trust God she stress by her friend eugene who semi proposd to her eugene suffers anxiety/panic attacks/deprs sn+ soc phobia not able to communi. w peop in levels of authority eugene & sister were supp to move by 9/6//18 or be evict by marshals they have no where to go so far no eviction notice lawy will soon file affidavit to extend eviction if judge mundy dnt agree eugene&hs sister wl be homeless on, street eugene fears get job he hsnt wrk ov 20 yrs  he not assertive he cant/wont push himself to do anything he has no job or apt prospcts no one is gv him or his sister favor they decide to live on street if evicted. family turn back on them

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